Fraser Andersen

Sales Associate

Fraser brings a wealth of knowledge to our business. Raised in Brisbane, he has seen the greater Beenleigh area grow from being a regional town to the thriving area it is today.

He brings experience from several industries over his career – from Management roles in major corporations overseeing large sites, to small family run micro businesses. This has given him exposure to dealing with people from many different cultures and managing many different personalities.

He has great skill in finding people’s motivation and in turn, meeting their needs.

He has an ability to make all people feel comfortable and worthwhile.

His skill in negotiation has been paramount to his success in achieving a great outcome for all.

He is a keen fan of live theatre, live music and enjoys watching AFL.

On weekends, he likes to spend time with his family and enjoys cooking.

He would not ask someone to do something if he was not prepared to do it himself.

He is a realist and strives to be better every day.